Game Modes

Game Modes

  • Survival (DMSP)
  • Coop Survival
  • Free For All
  • Teamplay
  • Coop Edit
  • Capture The Flag
  • Protect
  • Hold
  • Infection

Survival (DMSP)

This is a classic zombie mode. It is round based, very easy at the beginning, but more zombies spawn every round. If you can make it far enough, you can have hundreds of zombies spawning. You will not survive, it’s a matter of delaying the inevitable as long as possible‚Ķ

Conveniently, zombie guts are used as currency in Revelade Revolution. Press B to bring up a menu that lets you purchase supplies, support, and quad damage. At the end of you get a score equal to how many zombies you killed with a modifier based on your difficulty.

Coop Survival

Zombies will constantly spawn after you and all the other players, on one team. The rounds last a minute and a half and whoever kills the most infected wins the round. Then the next will start and this will go on until the game is over and whoever won the most rounds wins the game. Remember, you can still buy supplies in Coop.

Also, don’t learn the hard way not to shoot your teammates, it’s not worth it.

Free For All

Also known as FFA. This is the classic deathmatch. There are no teams, any kill is one frag. A suicide will take away a frag. The player with the most frags wins. Ties are broken by whoever fragged most recently.


This is exactly the same as FFA, but with Scavenger and Survivor teams. All frags contribute to the team’s score. Suicides will still lose you a frag and so will killing teammates. The team with the most frags wins, and the scoreboard will show individual player’s frags at the end of the game.

Coop Edit

This is the only game mode that lets you go into edit mode online. You can make and edit maps with other players in real time. Type /sendmap to send a map to the server and type /getmap to receive maps so you can join the editing. Please use common courtesy and do not destroy other’s creations or edit them without permission. Keep in mind that the undo and redo functions do not work online.

Capture the Flag

There are two teams in CTF and they spawn in designated team spawns instead of neutral ones. They each have a flag that can be picked up by the enemy team and returned to their own flag for a point. If their flag is not at the base you can’t score. If your team’s flag is dropped you can touch it to return it to your base, but you can’t score points like this, you only score if the flag is at your base. The team who scored most during the game wins. Press R to drop the flag.


In this mode there are also flags but the other team simply needs to touch them to score. You still spawn at team specific playerstarts. You can pick up your own flag to prevent this but that will of course make you the other team’s target. It’s important to guard the flag carrier and be ready to take it if it is dropped. Press R to drop the flag. Hold

There is a neutral flag in Hold that spawns at base entities, and it can be grabbed by either team. One player needs to hold it for twenty seconds to score for their team. You spawn at the neutral playerstarts. You will want to meet up with teammates for this mode to guard the flag carrier while the timer counts down.


This mode is a teamplay mode, with Scavengers and Survivors against each other as usual, but there is also an infection affecting both teams. Some unlucky players spawn as zombies and they need to pass their infection on to somebody else to be cured, leaving them with only a chainsaw until they find ammo. Killing these zombies will get you a frag while killing the other team does not, but it gets them out of your way and you don’t lose points so why not? The team with the most frags wins. Don’t infect your teammates, it’s pointless to get be cured and ready to kill zombies if one of your teammates becomes a zombie in the process. Instead lower the other team’s numbers by infecting them!

Game Mode Modifiers

Team: There are 2 teams instead of free for all.

Insta: Everybody spawns with no class, 1 health, a crossbow with 99 shots, and a chainsaw and moves at a speed of 100. One shot kills instantly.

Efficiency: You spawn with 999 ammo for all weapons. If you manage to run out of ammo, you are either cheating or very trigger happy with the Assault Rifle.